Join Runners’ lab during the weekend of May 22, 23 & 24 to France to discover the best trails in the endless forests along the coast near Bordeaux.


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1. WHAT?

Bordeaux Coast Trail

Join Runners’ lab during the weekend of May 22, 23 & 24 in France to discover the best trails in the endless forests along the coast near Bordeaux.

Our basecamp is situated in Pine Beach Paradise in Montalivet. This piece of paradise is operated by the Belgian company BoardX and they can accommodate all runners and their families who want a carefree stay.

Next to enjoying the sun, the sea and the beach we have a lot of running sessions planned! All of the running events are groupruns. We’ll have different pacers for all distances so we ensure that everybody has a group to join on the runs! 

We are sure you’ll find the perfect balance between relaxing, trailrunning, surfing and enjoying the sun!


Our basecamp for the whole weekend is situated in Montalivet, North of Bordeaux.
All activities and all runs start from Pine Beach Paradise.

Pine Beach Paradise
Avenue Jean Moulin
33930 Vendays-Montalivet


Thursday May 21

12:00 Check-in
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Surfing
18:00 Orienteering Fun Relay
19:00 Dinner

Friday May 22

08:00 Morning group run (45min)
08:00 Breakfast
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Surfing
17:00 Runners’ Trail lab
19:00 & 21:00 dinner
20:00  Sunset group run (45min – 1h)

Saturday May 23

07:00 Breakfast
09:30 Trail (10 – 18 – 25 – 32 – 40)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Beachvolleytournament or surfing
19:00 Dinner
21:00 Prize giving ceremony
21:30 Party

Sunday May 24

07:30 Morning group run (1h)
11:00 Check out


On Thursday you can check in at the Pine Beach Paradise from 12:00.
Put up your tent, check out your tipi and start your holiday!

At 13:00 you can take surfing lessons, go surfing yourself if you’ve got the experience or enjoy a good book and some good company!
The beach is +- 800m away from Pine Beach Paradise.

At 18:00 you can join an orienteering relay at the camping ground. This will be a fun and short running event where you need one partner to compete with!
At an orienteering race you need to find checkpoints that are marked on a map. The checkpoints will be placed at Pine Beach Paradise, so this activity is ideal for all ages (kids and top-athletes).

From 19:00 dinner will be served.


Start this Friday well by joining one of the groups on the morning run at 08:30.
There will be different groups with different paces (from 8km/h untill 12km/h) and the runs will go from 45 min to 1 hour.

In the morning or at 13:00 you can go surfing – or try surfing by taking some lessons.

At 17:00 we organize the Runners’ trail lab. Here you can view and test running shoes, drinking systems/running backpacks, nutrition, poles, compressions socks, lamps, etc….
Experienced trailrunners from Runners’ lab will help you with all your questions and amaze you with facts and information ;-).
Most of the stuff on display will be available to take with you on a run while you stay here during the weekend!

At 20:30 you can join us for a sunset run along the beach (different paces).


Saturday it’s Trail day!
All courses will go through the endless forests and dunes south of Montalivet.
We have prepared 4 different routes (10 – 18 – 28 – 40km). There will be different paces for all distances.

10km – pace: 8km/h and 10km/h

18km – pace: 8km/h, 9km/h, 10km/h and 11,5km/h

25km – pace: 9,5km/h and 11km/h

32km – pace: 9,5km/h and 11km/h

40km – (Same group as 32km but with the option for an extra loop of 8k)


During these runs there will be several segments which will be timed and where you can go all out. The times of all the segments will be added up to find an overall leader (Men and Women), there is also a seperate ranking for the individual segments:

1° Beach (4km)

2° Hill (up & down – 1,5km)

3° Climb (up – 500m)

There is a very large dune ridge which stretches for miles covering a big part of the course area. The ridge is about 50metres high (and he’s very sandy). This means the climbs are not so long (max 50m of climbing) and the sand makes it even more enjoyable!

Runners with not so many trail experience  can try to take up the distance they’re used to at training. It is not a technical trail but the sand and short steep climbs make it quite unique.

In the afternoon you can go for some surfing, join in on our beachvolley tournament (or lay on the beach and recover from the run).

During dinner, there will be a prize-giving ceremony for the Trailrun.

After that you can finish the day with a party!


On Sunday you can join us for a last morning run at 7:30.

You can take you time to enjoy a last breakfast in Pine Beach Paradise and start the trip back home.

If you want to stay longer, please check other accommodations nearby. The Camping Municipal is situated right next to Pine Beach Paradise.


You want to join us in Pine Beach Paradise for this unique trailrunning camp?

Cool! We have an all-in formula for the weekend. with the possibility for 2 or 3 nights.

The price includes the following:
° Accommodation
° Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
° Participation in all running and social events
° Goodiebag with lots of cool trailrunning stuff
° The use of surfing gear provided by BoardX (surfing lessons can be booked on arrival for an extra fee)
° Child care during the running events (Kids from up to 4 yo to 16 yo)

Please check the prices, depending on your accommodation, below.


Kids up to 4 years can stay at the Pine Beach Paradise accommodation for free (nights & meals)

Kids from 5 to 16 years have a special fee of € 90 for a stay at the pine beach Paradise for the whole weekend.
This price includes the following:
* Animation in 2 groups: Group 1: +4years old – 11yo and 12yo – 16yo.
* Meals
* Snacks

10. Q & A

Can I stay in Pine Beach Paradise for a longer time?

Unfortunately not. The only options are Thursday – Friday – Saturdaynight (3 nights) and Friday – Saturdaynight (2 nights).
If you want to prolongue your Holiday you can book extra nights in the Camping Municipal de l’Océan right next to Pine Beach Paradise.

Is this a real race?

No, the Bordeaux Coast Trail is more a fun and social weekend amongst trailrunners who love being outdoors and hitting the trails.
There will be plenty of opportunity to run during the weekend. On Saturday during the long run there is a possibility to race at different segments during the run. There will be an overall ranking and a prize giving ceremony for the podium of this ‘race’.

I want to fly into Bordeaux, is there any organized transport to Montalivet?

The easiest way to get to Montalivet from the airport is by renting a car.
It takes approx. 45min – 1h to get there from the airport.
There will be no organized transport by the organisation.

I want to share transport from Belgium to Montalivet! Is there any organized transport to Montalivet?

You can jump on the Runners’ lab bus from Antwerp to Montalivet from Wednesday 22:00 till Sunday 20:00.

A ticket on the bus is € 120 per person and can be booked on the registration form.

What meals are included if we book accommodation at Pine Beach Paradise?

If you book 3 nights we offer:
Thursday (Lunch & dinner)
Friday (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)
Saturday (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)
Sunday (Breakfast)

If you book 2 nights:
Friday (Lunch & dinner)
Saturday (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)
Sunday (Breakfast)

I am a vegetarian! Is there a veggie alternative on the menu?

Of course, we will provide a vegetarian option at all meals.

We take our kids to the Bordeaux Coast Trail, who looks after them while we run our trail?

A professional team of animators takes care of the kids during the races.
The group will be divided into 2 groups by age: +4yo untill 11yo and 12yo untill 16yo.

The child care is only open during the running events on the program.

This is one of my first trails. Is it a difficult trail?

The trail is sandy and in some parts very steep. But the runnability is always good. The weather can play a big roll if it’s hot or windy.

What kind of surfing gear does BoardX provide?

A surf board and a wetsuit.

I don’t know how to surf! Is somebody there to teach me the basics?

Yes! BoardX has professional teachers to learn you the basics of surfing.
The price per session will be available upon arrival).
The lessons can be booked upon arrival at Pine Beach Paradise.

I have more questions!

Please contact us at info@kono.run and we’d be happy to answer them!



You can book your trailrunningweekend with us at Pine Beach Paradise.

All accommodation options are situated at Pine Beach Paradise.
There are 4 possibilities for staying the nights here during the Bordeaux Coast Trail: bring your own tent, book a tent, book a tipi, book a cabin.

These Prices are all-in:

° Accommodation (Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night)
° Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
° Participation in all running and social events
° Goodiebag with lots of cool trailrunning stuff
° The use of surfing gear provided by BoardX (surfing lessons can be booked on arrival for an extra fee)
° Child care during the running events (Kids from up to 4 yo to 16 yo)

Option 1: Free Camp

Option 1: Free Camp

Put up your tent or park your campervan and enjoy the good life in Pine Beach Paradise immediately.  1 or 2 persons per location.

2 nights € 195 per person
3 nights € 220 per person

Available places: 100

Option 2: Double Tipi

Option 2: Double Tipi

Book a double Tipi for the weekend! This is a tipi for 4 persons.

  • Spacious tent with 2 sleeping compartiments
  • 2 double beds
  • Electricity
  • 4 persons per double tipi

2 nights € 836 for 4 persons
3 nights € 995 for 4 persons

Available places: 30

Option 3: Deluxe Tipi

Option 3: Deluxe Tipi

You stay in a very large and luxurious tent. This tipi has a double bed, cupboards and seats. Because of the luxurious style and fancy facilities you’ll feel like a real VIP during the Bordeaux Coast Trail!

  • Equipped tent
  • Double bed
  • 2 persons per Tipi
  • Electricity
  • 6 meter diameter

2 nights € 470 for 2 persons (1 tipi)
3 nights € 550 for 2 persons (1 tipi)

Available places: 22

Option 4: Luxe Lodges

Option 4: Luxe Lodges

The Luxe lodges consist of 2 sleeping compartiments: one with a double bed and one with a bunk bed and a bed. Next to the central living room you have a covered terrace with a picknick table.

  • Equipped luxe lodge
  • Max. 5 persons per lodge
  • 2 sleeping rooms + living room + kitchen
  • Covered terrace
  • Electricity

2 nights € 1245 for 5 persons (1 lodge)
3 nights € 1525 for 5 persons (1 lodge)

Available places: 8



Register soon for this beyond awesome running event!


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